Mckillop Manufacturing Priorities #1 People#2 Factory#3 Brand

Who We Are

Mckillop takes a different approach to clothing. We are a small team of sewing professionals that are lead by Owner/Designer Ryan Mckillop and his approach to business is different because it is about the people first. Our Clients and our Staff are our first priority. We are also not a brand, we are a factory where we can empower our team participate in all facets of the business. Our goal is to change lives, have fun, and we measure our success by how many jobs we are able to provide.

As a Designer Ryan was never happy with the fit of Men’s clothing, it was very generic and never fit properly. Ryan took his classical fashion design training and applied those skills to Men’s underwear and later to shorts. Many brands do not have designers on staff, they just order a style from Asia and hope it sells well. Here we hope it fits well, Ryan moved from Canada to Mexico so he could have control over all aspects of production, this is also why we have the ability to offer custom fronts. Each style is Designed and Tested by Ryan Mckillop himself, and if something doesn’t fit right it does not get produced.

We also hand make our clothing, we cut each pair individually using old fashioned techniques. We cut each elastic by hand and verify it is the exact measurement, and we pin the elastics to the fabric to make sure it fits perfectly. This is a time consuming process but we feel that our clients can feel the difference. In our modern age of automation we prefer to hire more staff rather than a machine that can replace us.

Our uniforms say (Creemos) We Believe, we believe in making our clients happy by providing them the best service possible and how we achieve that is by believing in ourselves, empowering our team and striving for excellence in all we do.

We believe you can feel the difference.

Our History

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