International Clients (Excluding USA/Mexico)

Due to the New Brexit Border Law Mckillop has been forced to suspend all USPS shipments to the UK at this time!

See Below in Red for 2 alternative shipping options.

Free Shipping for countries outside of USA/MX will need to be retired. See Below in Blue


Dear Customer.

The UK implemented a New law affecting their borders. In July I believe the same type of law will be enforced for the EU as well, these changes will be affecting our relationship together and I would like to be completely transparent with you.

The New Brexit Border Law for the UK

Normally taxes are collected at the UK border for foreign purchases. To prevent double taxation, you are not charged here in Mexico. Your tax dollars support the country you live in. That is how it has always been globally.

I have no problem with charging tax. Online shopping was never intended for tax evasion. The UK Law has offered all companies in the world the opportunity to open Vat Tax accounts and in turn we would have to charge 20% on all UK client orders, (Just like shopping in your local store). Then send the payment of the sales tax to the UK. This is a lot of paperwork for our little company but for you we could do it.

The problem I have is frequently items get lost in the mail or we might have made a sewing mistake and we would have to ship replacements, in this situation you the client would pay an 20% VAT for the first order and we would have to pay an additional 20% VAT for the replacement. This is not sustainable.

I am sure there might be a process to fix this issue but on the UK Governments website there were not FAQ or details, it just said sign up for your VAT number and that was it.

Therefore, to be transparent YES Mckillop Could ship to the UK but there are too many consequences and unfavorable logistics for us at this time to do so.

UK Customers can currently receive Fedex Deliveries from us. (4 Day delivery approx. 50.00)

UK Customers can currently receive Mexican Post Deliveries from us (1-2 months delivery)

Email me for more info on how to place an order until our site is reconfigured


USPS International rates

Just as we got settled into the UK situation 24 hours later the USA Postal Service had doubled the shipping rates internationally. For the past almost 12-Years we have offered Free Shipping to all clients. The closer you were to us we made money and the further away we lost money, but it all balanced out in the end.

Shipping internationally has always cost us a minimum of $15.00 and we paid it gladly to offer Mckillop globally but now that it is 30.00, we cannot survive selling $34.00 shorts and $22-26.00 Underwear if we are required to pay $30.00 for shipping. To solve this, we could do a minimum spending option to receive free shipping and similar types of promotions. But across the board free shipping for all countries will have to be retired.

Ps the cost of Free shipping has always been the reason we rarely have sales. We would be working for free.


The solution for us would seem to be obvious, that is to open VAT Tax accounts globally and charge Shipping. But I honestly do not believe customers would pay the true value for shipping and tax so abruptly. So, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Maybe in time when all online retailers have the same policies, and the world is accustomed to these changes all will be well, but that will take time.

In the meantime, it is easier to reduce the countries we sell to; that lose money until we can redesign our website to accept tax and shipping payments.

The Happier Solution

Secondly and the happier solution to these issues is for us to find retailers in your specific country to sell our clothing. We will not be able to offer custom fronts but as least you will have access to our standard collection. This is what I am going to focus on in the next few months.

In Closing it breaks my heart to announce these changes but I will continue to work as hard as I can to bridge the gap between our client and company needs for a cohesive and happy future together.
Ryan Mckillop