We are a custom clothing provider, we cut and sew items based on your needs. We have 24,000+ different variations of clothing and it is nearly impossible for someone to order your exact request therefore reselling your items are impossible. Also our team work so hard cutting and sewing your items, asking them to work double is hard on them. Please email us prior to ordering if you have any questions, we want you to find the perfect garment ahead of time. info@mckstore.com
Due to the hand made nature of our production on occasion we do make mistakes. Please email an image of the error to info@mckstore.com. If you were too rowdy and they ripped we would suggest buying another pair and keep having fun!
Due to the high cost of shipping items back to Mexico then back to your home it is recommended to always check our size chart prior to purchasing. You can also email us at Info@mckstore.com for assistance. Officially we do not offer this option because it is cheaper to buy a new pair. But email us and we will try to help.