We are Open for Business with a Twist!


Dear Valued Customer

RE: Covid-19 Employee Plan

As of March 18th 2020 we decided to send our staff home but here is the TWIST, Production will be unaffected! See “Twist” Below for more details.

Yucatan Government has not imposed a Lock down but we believe staying home is the best course of action to fight this outbreak. We hope other local businesses do the same. In our entire state there is a very low number of people infected and we would like to do our part to keep that number low.

MCK Employee Plan

Our office staff have been provided internet and computers for their home. Our primary focus will be to work electronically. In the rare instance If they need to return to collect new files they will be shuttled in a private taxi that has been disinfected after each ride. Face masks are provided for our driver and staff.

Sewing staff have been sent home to their families.

All staff are being paid in full for their salaries. 

If at any point Yucatan Health Dept. requires face masks to be sewn we will open to help the cause but our operators will have machines placed 3 meters apart. And they will also be individually collected by private taxi.

The Twist

Due to the fact that I live on the same property as the factory I have decided to resume my talents and sew the orders myself.

This extra time without distraction and the unlimited access to all equipment will also allow me to expand our XXL patterns and create New Designs as well.

We will not be able to offer a sale like other companies cause I couldn’t handle the volume myself. But I am happy to keep the production line moving.

As long as Courier and Postal Companies are running normally there will not be any delays. We will ship every Friday to the USA where USPS will continue the journey to your homes.

Social Media and Mental Health

I had taken a break from social media for a few months but I have resumed my duties to show you our products and behind the scenes images to keep your mind off the negativity on social media at the moment.

We are already well informed and now we need to stop looking at the bad topics of the day. Hopefully some pictures of me and our model with distract you through this.

We recommend you post images of your life in your houses rather than reposting or sharing bad news. We need to keep our spirits up and keep active and entertained through this.

Also for our Staff we have created a Whatsapp group and will be sending them daily images and videos lifting up spirits and giving them daily tips on crafts and exercises etc. that they can do in their houses with their kids.

Mental health is a big priority and it is vitally important to keep in touch with single people and elderly to make sure they don’t fall into a depression.

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Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people in China, Italy and abroad that have lost family members.

We know this is a scary time but if we all do our part we will get through this together. 

Ryan Mckillop

CEO/Head Designer

Mckillop Manufacturing SA DE CV