MCK Helps the Environment in JULY

MCK Helps the Environment in JULY

We would like to thank you for 10 wonderful years together.

Mckillop has gone through many changes throughout the last decade and the fact that we are still going strong is 100% thanks to you!

Mckillop started as a 1 Man operation in a bachelor apt in Vancouver, Canada and has since grown into a full factory in Merida, Mexico employing 20 people. Each year we get a little bigger due to the relationship we have together and the advancement of our designs.

For our anniversary year our goal is to keep creating great underwear and shorts but we also would like to help solve some environmental problems. We are investing in solar panels to be the first underwear brand powered by the sun and we are also looking into new packaging options to solve the issue of single use plastics and ocean pollution. We hope to introduce new packaging in a few months but for our anniversary month we thought we could offer a solution that is a bit more creative.

For July 2019 all orders will be arriving in reusable mesh Vegetable bags that you can use at the grocery store. They are machine washable and all you need to do is remember to bring them to the store with you. The connection of Underwear and Vegetables sounds a little funny, but I wanted to use our factory, our team and our machines for something really special and close to my heart this month.

We hope that you find these vegetable bags helpful and we thank you for your continued support in our small business. You have not only changed my life forever, but you have allowed me to pay it forward and change the lives of our team as well.


Thank you!

Ryan Mckillop

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