EU/UK Clients

Due to the New Brexit and EU Border Laws Mckillop has been forced to suspend all shipments to 28 countries at this time!

Dear Customer.

Normally with International Borders we ship the product and the client pays for the taxes when you receive the parcel. But now UK and the EU would like us to start charging 28 different European taxes on our website and also file taxes in all European states plus UK and our home country Mexico. Doing taxes in 29 countries is a burden that we cannot handle being a small business. Not to mention shipping costs have skyrocketed to 30-50.00USD to ship overseas. I don’t see how we would be able to continue in the EU/UK Region.

It breaks my heart to say good bye to such loyal and wonderful clients over our 12 years in business. These new laws are just to complicated and honestly costly for you the client to continue. Maybe in the future there will be an opportunity that we can once again be reunited but for the time being we will have to say thank you for the 12 years.

Hope to see you again,

Ryan Mckillop

PS Some of our retailers have mentioned they have the ability to continue shipping to this region please check our homepage for the links to our retailers and maybe they can assist bringing Mckillop to your home.