Access Jock-Fuchsia Ultra Mesh


Pressed against the locker room wall and you feel their hand slide deep inside – This is Access Jock

Plush MCK 1.5″ waistband and plush 3/4″ leg elastic. 1/4″ soft bias along the peakaboo window.

HOIST (Pistol) Horizontal Bulge

82% Nylon 18% Lycra (Ultra Mesh)

To help you find the perfect fit, please see tabs below.

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Custom Fronts

Enhancement products do not have a custom option because they have a specific purpose.

Some products are called Freeballing which means there is no contoured pouch.

Compare Pouches

MCK Custom- Points downwards for a natural hang. It is about the shape and the feeling, you cannot go wrong with the sizes.

Some people wear the 5 to the gym, 6 to the club and 3 to the office. (1 is the smallest followed by 3)

(P1 Grower, P2 Big Balls, P3 Mainstream, P4 Thick, P5 Bounce, P6 Massive)

Max Bulge- Shaped like a tennis ball this product lifts you into a round handful shape also comes with Free Cock Ring for an Extra Bulge.

Hoist- Shaped like a pistol this gives you a horizontal bulge that pushes you forward for maximum profile enhancing.

Freeballing- No enhancement pouch

Size Chart

Mckillop Size Chart

Small             Medium           Large             Xlarge

28-30″           32-34″               36-38″           40-42″

71-76 cm       81-86 cm         91-97 cm      102-107 cm

Keep in mind that each collection and pouch design has a different feel and purpose.

Si levanta y realza será más apretado. En caso de duda entre 2 tallas, elige siempre 1 talla más grande.

Hand Crafted

Todos los productos Mckillop están hechos a mano en nuestra propia fábrica en Mérida, México.

Confeccionada a mano, cortada, sujetada con alfileres, cosida, cortada con hilo y doblada por nuestro equipo de especialistas.

No se utiliza automatización ni informatización.

Mantener a las personas empleadas es nuestro objetivo.

* Con este tipo de producción a veces ocurren errores. Si se cometió un error, envíenos un correo electrónico; Siempre estamos felices de ayudar a nuestros clientes.


94% Modal 6% Licra (Modal)

95% Poliéster 5% Licra (Esfera)

95% Poliéster 5% Licra (Malla)

82% Nailon 18% Lycra (Nylon Lycra)

82% Nylon 18% Lycra (Licra desnuda)

100 % poliéster (malla flexible)

100% Poliéster (Impulso)

100% poliéster (malla deportiva)

100 % poliéster (baño Bolton)

100% Poliéster (Camuflaje)

Algunos de nosotros somos de una época en que el poliéster tenía mala reputación.

There has been many advances in the textile field and we only use materials that are soft, luxurious and affordable.


We recommend hand wash and lay to dry for the longest product life.

Machine washing is permitted (cold water is best) (low heat) (similar colors) but piling does occur with machine dryers.

Do not iron or use bleach.

We do not use any fire retardants or harsh chemicals on our products.