Shade Shorts-Mulberry Whisper

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You feel yourself getting bigger by the minute, the shorts get tighter and tighter; you are ready to have them torn off of you. This is Shade

1.5″ waistband with hemmed legs

SIDE SWING Show off Front- No Pouch

95% Rayon 5% Lycra (Rayon Whisper)

To help you find the perfect fit, please see tabs below.

NEW!! When selecting Shorts & Tights, you can now select the same size for all products. Our shorts used to use 1.5” Longer elastics. But now company-wide all elastics are consistent. If you enjoyed last year’s waist sizing for shorts you might consider going up 1 size.

(XL no change, XXL is now 1” larger)

Mckillop Size Chart – Waists

Small             Medium           Large             XLarge

28-30″           32-34″               36-38″           40-42″

71-76 cm       81-86 cm         91-97 cm      102-107 cm


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Custom Fronts

Los productos de mejora no tienen una opción personalizada porque tienen un propósito específico.

Algunos productos se llaman Freeballing, lo que significa que no hay una bolsa contorneada.

Compare Pouches

MCK personalizado Points downwards for a natural hang. It is about the shape and the feeling, you cannot go wrong with the sizes.

Algunas personas usan el 5 para el gimnasio, el 6 para el club y el 3 para la oficina. (1 es el más pequeño seguido de 3)

(P1 Grower, P2 Big Balls, P3 Mainstream, P4 Thick, P5 Bounce, P6 Massive)

Max Bulge: con forma de pelota de tenis, este producto lo eleva a una forma de puñado redondo y también viene con Free Cock Ring para un bulto adicional.

Polipasto: con forma de pistola, esto le brinda un bulto horizontal que lo empuja hacia adelante para mejorar el perfil al máximo.

Freeballing- No enhancement pouch

Size Chart

Mckillop Size Chart

Small             Medium           Large             Xlarge                   XXLarge

28-30″           32-34″               36-38″           40-42″                   44-46″

71-76 cm       81-86 cm         91-97 cm      102-107 cm          112-117 cm

Keep in mind that each collection and pouch design has a different feel and purpose.

If it lifts and enhances it will be tighter. If in doubt between 2 sizes always go 1 size larger.

Hand Crafted

All Mckillop products are hand made in our own factory in Merida, Mexico.

Hand drafted, cut, pinned, sewn, threads clipped and folded by our team of specialists.

No automation or computerization used.

Keeping people employed is our goal.

* With this type of production mistakes sometimes happen. If an error was made, please email us; we are always happy to help our clients.


94% Modal 6% Lycra (Modal)

95% Polyester 5% Lycra (Sphere)

82% Nylon 8% Lycra (Ultra Mesh)

92% Polyester 8% Lycra (Sheer Mesh)

95% Polyester 5% Lycra (Expose Mesh)

95% Polyester 5% Lycra (Glory Mesh)

50% Cotton 50% Polyester

(Heathered Cotton)

82% Nylon 18% Lycra (Nylon Lycra)

82% Nylon 18% Lycra (Nude Lycra)

100% Polyester (Flex Mesh)

100% Polyester (Impulse)

100% Polyester (Sports Mesh)

100% Polyester (Bolton Swim)

100% Polyester (Camouflage)

Some of us are from a time when Polyester had a bad reputation.

There has been many advances in the textile field and we only use materials that are soft, luxurious and affordable.


We recommend hand wash and lay to dry for the longest product life.

Machine washing is permitted (cold water is best) (low heat) (similar colors) but piling does occur with machine dryers.

Do not iron or use bleach.

We do not use any fire retardants or harsh chemicals on our products.