Things we cannot do 1. Copy another companies styles 2. Receive fabric or elastic shipped to us 3. Cannot design a pattern from scratch 4. Customize widths of elastics.
We specialize in custom fronts and we hand make each pair. We can make fronts larger than a 6, or a hem a little longer but those are outside our normal business practices.  Any questions feel free to email
Tracking is available at If you have paid for Fedex Premium Shipping
It takes 2 days for us to sew your garment, then we ship on the nearest Friday. It is airborne to the USA until Tuesday. After that it depends on where you live. Most orders take 2 weeks from the time of ordering until you receive it.
We now have 2 shipping methods. USPS (United States Postal Service) and Fedex. The best way to calculate shipping is select an item you would like to buy, then go to the shopping cart, add your address and the rates will appear.
Due to the high cost of shipping items back to Mexico then back to your home it is recommended to always check our size chart prior to purchasing. You can also email us at for assistance. Officially we do not offer this option because it is cheaper to buy a new pair. But email us and we will try to help.
If you make an error on your address we can reship the items at cost after they have been sent back to us for USA 9.00 , Canada 17.00, EU 19.00 and Asia/Australia 29.00. Or order new whichever is cheaper for you.
The most effective first step to finding the most up to date status of your order is actually at your local post office. They have a more detailed record. Especially if you live outside of the USA. Once your parcel lands in your country, your local Postal Service tracks your parcel, but doesn’t always send USPS the information in real-time.
Due to the hand made nature of our production on occasion we do make mistakes. Please email an image of the error to If you were too rowdy and they ripped we would suggest buying another pair and keep having fun!
We are a custom clothing provider, we cut and sew items based on your needs. We have 24,000+ different variations of clothing and it is nearly impossible for someone to order your exact request therefore reselling your items are impossible. Also our team work so hard cutting and sewing your items, asking them to work double is hard on them. Please email us prior to ordering if you have any questions, we want you to find the perfect garment ahead of time.
Our website is linked to USPS and whatever you type is what is printed on the label, but if an error occurred on our part, we will gladly ship to you for Free once the garments are returned to us.
For 12 years we offered free shipping but during the pandemic shipping providers doubled their rates and we were paying 22.00 for shipping, for items that were sold at 18.00. We decided that it would be better to charge for shipping and then lower our product prices instead.
Duties or Tariffs are your countries way of charging you a fee for not shopping at home. This is not fair because MCK cannot open a factory in every country, this is why we offer you Free Shipping to reduce your costs for shopping abroad.
When you shop outside of your home country your orders are tax free. But when they arrive in your country your government charges taxes as if you bought those items at your local store. This is why we offer you Free Shipping, so you can save as much money as possible shopping with us.
When we receive your order it says Processing, When we send it for sewing we change it to On-Hold (On-Hold for shipping). Once your order is ready for shipping we change your order status to Completed.
We ship your items every Friday from Merida, Mexico to the USA via Fedex. While it it in the air your tracking number doesn’t work. Once our USA employee delivers your parcel to USPS at that time your tracking number will work. Usually that is the following Tuesday.
It breaks our hearts to ban countries from shopping here but there are new border laws that have created such high cost for the client and enormous amounts of paperwork for us that as a small business we cannot handle that workload. Some of our retailers are still shipping to these 2 regions and we will continue to work on finding solutions to continue to help serve our clients in these areas.