Mckillop & Co. started in Vancouver Canada in 2009 by Fashion Designer Ryan Mckillop. Ryan noticed that the fit of Men’s undergarments was lacking the space to accommodate Men’s needs so he left Women’s wear to start; what was called at the time Mckillop UW.

Mckillop UW started with Jocks and Pouches and rapidly grew into a wide variety of ergonomic and enhancement underwear. In 2013 Ryan decided to expand into Swimwear for Men. To achieve this goal Ryan packed up the company and moved to the city of Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and he also removed the UW part of our name to allow more than just underwear into the brand.

For all of 2014 the company expanded into a world class brand with a full staff of trained professionals that know how to both mass produce items and hand craft our luxury items.

2015 is the year that Mckillop expands its horizons and the company will be focusing on expanding and refining our Men’s line and focusing on assisting other small businesses achieve their goals in starting there own brands with our private label division.

Our private label division will offer our production capabilities to manufacture underwear and swimwear for other companies, while integrating their branding on their own items.

2016 The Mckillop Brand has branched away from only black and white and has expanded into colours. We are also developing connections with printing and graphics companies to create printed designs on our clothing. We are also going to expand our Bespoke Dept and our goal is to make everything on fully custom to your specific needs. To achieve this we are also investing in new photography that will explain this dept to the public more effectively.

It really is limitless where Mckillop as a Company and a Brand can go but it has not; nor can it continue to grow without each and everyone of you. The Mckillop brand is not in the commodity business we are in service to you. And therefore we are tremendously honored that you appreciate our work and the difference we make in our field of expertise. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

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